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The Quicklock™ Accessibility ramp system is a versatile and customisable wheelchair access solution that allows users to more easily access a building or stage.
Its modular design allows for a range of different configurations, interlocking frames enable quick installation and height-adjustable legs account for uneven terrain. Other features like safety guardrails, slip resistant surfaces and landings help ensure a safe and compliant access route.
Quicklock ramps are compatible with all our portable staging products and with universal adaptors they can be easily attached to other brands of stage or structures to enhance accessibility.


✅ Fast, easy setup (2 people)
✅ Indoor or Outdoor use
✅ Portable & Modular
✅ Interlocking Frames
✅ Install on level or uneven ground
✅ Flexible and Adjustable configurations
✅ Strong yet Lightweight platforms
✅ For temporary or permanant use
✅ Compatible with Intellistage™, Phantom™, EziFold™ & Staging101™


-Metric and Imperial sizes are available.
(Standard decks are 1x1m, 2x1m, 1.2×1.2m or 1.2×2.4m)
-Weather-resistant, industrial finish or Waterproof Aluminium finish
-Standard Uniform Load Rating: 153 lbs per square foot or 750kg per square metre
-Can be connected to any other brand stage or fixed permanent structure with use of ramp adaptors
-2 year Manufacturers Warranty
-Compliant with New Zealand Standards (NZS 4121:2001)

Quicklock™ wheelchair and equipment ramps comply with national accessibility guidelines…

“A ramp needs to be at least 1 metre wide. It must have a level landing area (a minimum of 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres) at the top and bottom so you can stop and turn safely. A ramp needs to slope gently (meaning it has a slope of no more than 1 metre rise to every 12 metres of length) to make it safe and easy to use.”

Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People

Multiple Configurations

Ramp sections can be added, reconfigured and adjusted as your needs change and landings allow for the creation of turns, and switchback configurations which help minimize the overall ramp footprint.

Straight Wheelchair Ramp

wheelchair ramp with landing

Wheelchair Ramp with Landing

switchback wheelchair ramp

Switchback Wheelchair Ramp

90 degree wheelchair ramp

90 Degree Wheelchair Ramp

Two surface Options

Quicklock™ ramp platforms are available in a weather-resistant, industrial finish or of weatherproof, aluminium construction. Smaller components and connecting plates are all electroplated and designed for outdoor use.

surface options
Slip resistant surfaces
Slip Resistant

Slip resistant surfaces are designed to increase traction and friction, helping to prevent slipping by offering improved grip underfoot. This is particularly important in areas where safety is paramount like workplaces, public spaces and other areas prone to moisture or spills.

Quick Assembly

Quicklock™ ramps are designed to be easily installed, ramp platforms come with inter-locking frames allowing you to quickly and easily create a risk-free access pathway.

Interlocking frames
Safety Guardrails

Quicklock™ Accessibility ramps come with safety guardrails with built-in curbing ensuring people can move safely into or when exiting your stage or building.

Height-Adjustable Legs

Quicklock™ accessibility ramps are safe and easy to use. Adjustable height legs ensure your 1:12 ramp slope is uniform and perfectly aligned providing a stable foundation, even on cross falls or uneven ground.


Landings are important on ramps to provide areas to rest for users who find their use difficult or strenuous. They also accommodate changes of direction after the ascent or descent is completed and ensure that pedestrians emerging from the ramp are clearly visible to others.

Universal Adaptors

Quicklock™ ramps are compatible with all our stage systems including Intellistage™, Phantom™, EziFold™ & Staging101™ and with universal adaptors they can easily attach to other systems or be mounted to fixed building structures.

Quicklock™ Accessibility Ramps are the perfect solution for enabling people with disabilities to carry out normal functions within and around your facility. Suitable for a wide range of applications and venues including public footpaths and walkways, schools & other educational institutions, shops, banks, parks, toilets, public swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, theatres and entertainment venues, libraries, sporting clubs, Government departments, medical centres, hospitals and more…


Contact us today for pricing and further information on how we can help make your facility access friendly for all.
If you can email us a description of what you are wanting to achieve, attach any relevant photos and comment on the nature of the terrain where the ramp is intended we can provide a more accurate price indication.
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