Staging 101™

One of the most heavy duty stages on the market today! Staging 101™ is built tough with a Steel frame and 18mm plywood deck. Built-in legs help reduce the storage footprint and simply fold out when required.
Staging 101™ is simply put, a beast of a stage! Available in 2x1m platforms with built-in height adjustable legs that fold out like a trestle table simplifying the installation process. Legs can be adjusted to different height settings and collapse into the underside of each platform, storing compactly within the 60mm profile. This helps to reduce the number of loose parts as legs are attached to each module and the simplicity of the design means the stage can be set up quickly and easily. Although each platform weighs 54kgs it offers a highly stable and safe foundation for performers

-Platforms are portable, modular and easy to assemble.
-Modules are durable and can support up to 750kg’s per square meter.
-Platforms are available in a black or grey carpet finish, or black anti-slip, industrial finish.
-Platforms connect together using platform clips that can be stored within the profile when not required.
-Suitable for indoor applications on flat surfaces
-Optional accessories are also available on request.
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-Platforms: Staging 101™ platforms are built from a tubular steel construction with a 3/4″ premium plywood deck completed by 2mm Carpet or Industrial finish. Platforms are reinforced by a steel profile on all sides for extra strength and durability. The profile features 1.5 inches of hand support designed to make it easier to handle. Our Platform 2 Platform Connection Hardware is removable and creates a uniform exterior perimeter and coupled with 15mm adjustable feet create a seamless non trip transition when platforms are connected side by side.
-Legs: Staging 101™ legs are built into the underside of each platform and securely lock in place when set up. legs can be set at two different heights (SEP4060 = 40cm and 60cm) (SEP6080 = 60cm and 80cm) heights are securely locked in place by a heavy duty locking pin.
-Product Weight: 2x1m platforms: 54kgs
-Safe Load Rating: Staging 101™ platforms have received a structural report from EXPO engineering; an industry recognised engineering firm, who have deemed a safe load rating of 750kgs per sqm, evenly distributed. Platforms have been independently factory tested with over 3000kgs of evenly distributed load.
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